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Recently, as I have had less time to commit to my blog and more computer issues, I wondered how on earth I could ever keep up.

I love blogging but anyone who does it knows it is a lot of work. To add further troubles I lost my job and am now struggling to find a new one.

I never thought to ask for donations to help support the work I do but after a number of people suggesting and encouraging me to try - I figured - Why Not?

To make this fun I have set up some perks to benefit you:

Besides liking my blog and wanting to see it keep going, growing and improving - allow me to add some more personal incentive for you!

Any donation amount - will get a thank-you email from me.

Donations of $10 - will enter you into a draw for great Twilight merchandise [t-shirt, stickers, buttons, etc.]

Donations of $25 - will enter you into a draw for a great Twilight prize pack [t-shirt, stickers, buttons, autographed merch etc.]

Donations of $50 - will get you all of the above PLUS enter you into a draw for an autographed glossy from a Twilight Cast.

Congrats to @sabrinakrassow who won a personalized autoraph from Daniel Cudmore 

Donations of $100 - will Get all of the above PLUS enter you in a draw for a custom tour of Vancouver to explore the sets and share stories from filming New Moon & Eclipse.

Donations $200 or higher - will get you all of the above PLUS I will personally give you a tour around Vancouver to explore past sets and share stories from filming New Moon & Eclipse, no draw needed for that. Thank-you! If you want to do a group tour - email me to discuss dates & details 

**** I will do a draw for these rewards June 20 & 29, 2010 at 8pm PST.
*** I will apply this to those who have already donated also. 

* Autographs will be obtained at L.A. Twilight Convention by me for prizing.

Thank-You for your Support!


I have added a donation button to my side bar 


There is no set amount 2 cents, 2 dollars, 200 dollars, anything is appreciated. [See above for draws and rewards for your kind donations]

I have spent a lot of my own time and money to up keep this blog and lately it has been tough to do because of increased hours at work, computer issues and so on. I want to keep this blog going at full capacity, even more than I have in the past and that takes more time and more money.

There are things a blogger should have in order to keep up a blog. A decent camera, a decent computer, flash drives and external hard drive... oh and a lot of java. All these things I have and use, but lately my computer has been suffering severe wear & tear. The time, money, maintainence and efforts to keep this blog going have all been my own expense... 

Donations will help with these kinds of things. Donations will help keep this site going, growing and improving.

I realize we all have needs and wants and I am not asking you to donate if you can't but as suggested by some blog readers, it doesn't hurt to throw it out there because you simply do not know the response you may get.

That being said, if you can, please do - If you can't - no worries - I thank you either way for being a loyal reader - I absolutely LOVE blogging for you all and hope to keep bring you the goods !!! 

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